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A Ballet Workout For Every Sport – A Simple Way to Improve Your Game, and Your Life

What sports do you enjoy participating in? Better yet, what sports did you enjoy when you were younger, but which you can no longer participate in due to changes in your body? Now, what would you say if we told you that doing a simple Ballet workout could turn all of that around and hand you your game back?There is a reason that many professional football players have been publicly noted to do Ballet workouts while in training. Dancers who perform in starkly different forms such as hip hop and jazz also train in Ballet in order to get a cutting edge on their competition.Rather than thinking of Ballet as an uptight, restricted dance form that little girls take up only to ditch in their teenage years, it’s time to start thinking of it for what it really is: an effective workout routine which could totally transform your body and increase every aspect of your game play.Whether you are a marathon runner, a professional triathlete, or even just someone who enjoys adult flag football on the weekends or walking to stay healthy as you age, there are many benefits to be gained from mixing in a Ballet workout with your current training schedule. If you are not currently in training but hope to return to your previously active self in the near future, then there is no better place to start than with a Ballet workout!Muscle ToneThe sharp, tight movements required for the practice of Ballet will get your body in the most trim, toned shape you have ever been in. When practiced consistently and performed with the correct form, every muscle in the human body is worked through this dance form. This is why Ballet dancers are known for their very lean, long bodies which seem to have not an ounce of fat on them. What they do have is nice muscle tone that is attractive and graceful, but not bulky.You don’t have to become an elegant Ballet dancer to enjoy this type of workout; just as you don’t have to lift intense weights to tone your body.Cardiovascular EnduranceIn every sport, your level of cardiovascular endurance will directly affect your ability to hang in there with the competition. In some sports such as running this is more obvious, but it is true of team sports which include moving across a field as well. If your level of cardiovascular fitness is not good, you will not be the fastest on the field or the fastest running the course.Ballet workouts will improve this aspect of your game through challenging move combinations and intense, continuous movement.Mental ConcentrationEvery athlete knows that the power of the game is more in your head than your body. If you are not mentally focused and emotionally present in the game at every second, then you are giving your competitors the edge. If you have ever found yourself distracted during a game or a race, you know that it could make winning or scoring points near impossible.Unlike the fast paced, intensive pace that goes along with many other forms of muscle building workouts, Ballet sets a slower, more peaceful pace which allows your mind to fully engage with your body. You have to focus in on what you are doing to ensure proper form and really push your body with every movement, and that in turn translates to a more relaxed, focused brain during and between workouts.Speed and MovementA Ballet workout can actually make your movements more explosive and powerful. Your legs will be able to move faster and movements that rotate side to side or up and down a field will become faster and more precise. This is because Ballet routines often include a lot of sweeping motions that go from side to side. They also include a lot of movements that stretch the body up tall, lengthening out the spine and encouraging your natural grace.Even when you are not in training or in the middle of a game, you will notice the benefits of a Ballet workout. You will feel more in tune with your body and will feel more graceful and smooth in your daily life. This is beneficial for women as well as men in all aspects of life, whether it be impressing a boss or picking up a date.